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It's the "Avatar State," and I'm the Avatar.

Who appreciates it more than me?

A fan community for The Legend of Korra
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Welcome to rebelspirits! This is a multifaceted community dedicated to the Nickelodeon show, Legend of Korra. We hope you guys have fun here! Below is listed a few community guidelines to follow.

Respect each other. Plenty of members here will have different opinions as you, as well as different races, religions, and sexuality. No member should ever feel ashamed of their beliefs or the opinions they respectfully voice here. If you make any sexist, racist, heterophobic, transphobic, or homophobic comments, you will immediately be banned. The mods will not tolerate this.

No spoilers. If you want to post your thoughts outside of the designated episode discussions and such, they need to be put under a cut. We don't want to ruin things for other members!

Utilize the tags. That's what they're there for! Save us mods the trouble of adding them to your posts and use them properly. Also, do not add tags yourself. If you need a tag that isn't there, request it from a mod and we will happily add it for you.

Do not spam. If you want to advertise, message a mod. If you want to affiliate, comment here.

Give credit where it's due. If you've made some type of graphic, yet got the screencaps from an outside source, please credit that person! It's common courtesy.

Credits: mods: tahnhoe and seemslikeaporno | layout: fleeting_days | community graphics: seemslikeaporno & tahnhoe | profile gifs: moveslikekorra | screencaps: cap-that + avatarspirit