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✹ Welcome to our Prompt Post, a place where members can jot down ideas for others to fill (which, let's be honest, saves the prompter a lot of time). Here, you are free to post your unique ideas without fear of judgment or restriction. We accept all prompts, from steamy romances to adventures or a simple friendship fic, so don't be afraid to let your imagination roam free!

Things To Know: Anonymous commenting is enabled for this post specifically, but it will be disabled immediately if used inappropriately. When prompting posts, please follow the correct format; same goes with responding. If you link to an outside journal/website, please make sure the entry is not locked/available to everyone. This post is for prompts and fills, so please try not to clog the post with unnecessary comments. You are allowed to post prompts with ratings of M, R, and NC-17, but please post trigger/content warnings! Additionally, slash/fem-slash is allowed.


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